Sunday, February 22, 2015

Biological Attack by City of Eugene

City of Eugene, Oregon - Biological Attack on U of O, citizens of Eugene, and those who do business in Eugene!

Don Leach
86909 Pine Grove Road,
Eugene, Oregon 97402

February 22, 2015

An open letter to the attention of: Eugene Mayor and City Council
125 E. 8th Ave., 2nd Floor, Eugene, Oregon 97401

Dear Mayor and Council:

            I sent a response to City of Eugene Parking Service on or about January 15, 2015 with no return expected and none received. My emailed letter was in appreciation for their courtesy extended to me, a copy of which was sent to each of you.

            I generally do not engage in acts of business in Eugene except when it is truly a matter of convenience or an emergency. I had a small emergency yesterday that left me at Les Schwab on West 11th St.

            A paragraph of back story:  I wrote Oregon Concealed. It is a book designed to assist people who lawfully carry concealed handguns deal in a positive proactive way with enforcement. It is also designed to assist them in understanding the practical limitations and responsibilities of carrying a handgun so that they and those around them can be safe. I offered a copy to the Eugene Registered Guard (Guard) for their reviews. They declined handgun safety for their service area. It became clear to me they reject the concept of a well-informed society anchored on fundamental principles of responsible actions.

            This is a long way of bringing some understanding to the fact I do not have a subscription to the Guard and generally don’t read it. Even so, just like the convenience Eugene sometimes offers for business, the Guard can be a time filler. Such was the case yesterday while at Les Schwab’s tire shop.

            While nibbling on some of their popcorn the first and only article I read had to do with inoculations for a bacterial issue with 22,000 U of O students receiving whatever benefit can be achieved by addressing the symptoms of a bacterial attack.

            That made me first wonder about the rest of the city of Eugene which led me to wondering how you will protect the rest of those within your jurisdiction. As I continued down that path I wondered how you are going to protect those of us who come to Eugene to do business, regardless of how limited that may be.

            I next wondered where the bacteria was and is hosted.

            That last thought led to wondering how the city of Eugene, you people, are going to attack the bacteria at its source. Nothing I saw in the article addressed this issue.

            A remembrance came upon me concerning a recent visit to Albertson’s here in Eugene shortly before the outbreak of the “bacteria.” I had carried what few items I had to the checkout. The clerk motioned to the conveyor belt indicating I could put the items down. I did not.

            I handed them to her, one at a time and took each of them back after she scanned them. I told her, “I don’t want them on that thing.” Nodding my head towards the conveyer belt I said something like, “Who knows what kind of uncleansed bag of shit from someone’s home has been on it.”

            She actually smiled at me, making eye contact. “I know. Imagine what it is like for us here. Just a little while ago I had to shut my line down and clean the belt. It was so-o-o bad.” Emphasizing what she thought of it, she wrinkled her nose, squinting and shaking her head from side to side. “I felt so exposed.” “That woman stank too, almost enough to make me gag.” Next the clerk reached down and pulled up a spray bottle of disinfectant. “At least they (the store) give us this.”

            Thinking about this incident I wondered even more about the potential effectiveness of that clean up. Sharing this with a relative who works at a grocery store I asked her what she thought. She told me this type of thing has happened to her many times. As if in a conspiracy where she did not want to be heard she leaned forward and whispered, “And Don, we have no way to clean the rollers!”

            I talked to my son who was an assistant manager at Walmart before becoming a handgun safety instructor for Oregon Concealed Training and asked him whether they ever had this kind of issue with the Walmartians. Roger looked at me as if I were crazy for even asking the question. His many detailed responses would churn most civilized stomachs. They are too many and too long to share here.

            In wondering about the actual source of the bacteria in question I could easily picture one of those liberal environmental U of O religionists with their reusable but dirty unclean bag on a conveyor belt infecting others with the growths in the bag while saving the world.

           This in turn took me back to some military training about bacteria and inoculations:


            That triggered my legal mind. I next wondered about the liability of a city where they have passed laws like you folks have. You dodged known science to embrace environmental religion in the name of progressive protections for the earth instead of real protections for your constituency. In your actions you side-stepped the constitutional guarantees outlined in our Bill-of-Rights, violated your oaths of office, and created a use tax in furtherance of your environmental religion without a general vote of the public you serve.

            In my world you lose all immunity protections normally offered governmental officials. There is sound legal reasoning for this in that you did not act in any form of good faith. You imposed your and others environmental religion on the rest of those you are tagged in the organic law (Rule of Law = Oregon Constitution Bill of Rights) with protecting. You have had ample opportunity to undo your nefarious act and through your inaction have refused to do so.

            Until something proves differently, it is just as likely you are responsible for the manslaughter murder of those written about in yesterday’s Guard as any other person(s) or any other circumstances.

            The problem in this scenario is that you control enforcement. It is like the old story of the fox who guards the chicken house.

            My heart goes out to the loved ones and friends of those who have passed from this biological attack. If it is found you are responsible, your hope and prayer should be that our new governor stays in office long enough for your case to end.

     I quote from my last email to you:  Many scientific studies (the concept of such is truly foreign to this leadership group) have been accomplished to show the true facts concerning the City’s tax on its public in the form of service bags. Part of the City's high theory is that people will use their own bags rather than pay the tax. Some of what has been determined is that there is no scientific evidence of environmental relief from the limitation that followed the Mayor and Council’s decision. Further, people using their own bags, which many now do, have become a threat to the health of all others who purchase food products within the city. Many of their bags have been found to be seriously contaminated from improper cleaning and/or no cleaning. Those personal bags leave contaminates in the grocery carts, on the check-out belts, and even on the food products. What the City has accomplished is diametric to its primary constitutional and charter purpose which is to protect its citizenry.
More sincerely than you can imagine,

​cc:  Eugene Register Guard
3500 Chad Drive, EugeneOR 97408
       And wherever else it gets sent.​
Don W. Leach
86909 Pine Grove Road
Eugene, Oregon  97402