Tuesday, July 29, 2014


            The Lane County Fair (Oregon) was interesting in that I had a chance to talk to both Ds and Rs. In addition, Peter DeFazio’s booth was immediately across from our Oregon Concealed Handgun booth. We were trying to get people to sign up for classes.

            Peter was not there! He made no appearance. Further, the booths cost money in the commercial exhibiting hall. There were a few volunteers but most of the time it was empty, in violation of the contract they had to sign, if there was equal treatment. Peter was not there! He made no appearance. They left way early on Sunday. I wonder if our tax dollars paid for that booth.

            It seems representative of Pete, no show, nothing substantive and positive.

            I talked to the Rs. They wanted to know if I am registered. They offered to help me change to being a Republican. With difficulty I didn’t laugh too much. I told them they were to liberal for me and too fractured.

            The Ds had a different tact. They actually listened to me a little. They had a bunch of beans and issues. You could have 2 beans to cast into cups representing current issues. It was contrived, self serving, and had a feel of being incestuous. I told them so. I suggested 2 more cups, one for Ds and the other for Rs. I told them I would then cast one bean in each cup because that was and is where the real issue lay. The lady looked shocked.
             That led to a conversation about Obama Care. The shirt below talks about health care as a human right. I asked them:

            "Does that mean I did not have to have heart surgery or in the alternative I did not have to pay for it?" After some pointed questions the D said, “Well, it isn’t really a right. We just framed it that way to generate acceptance.”

            I then asked him if he was willing to steal my prosperity to enforce the health care mandate, for the redistribution. “But, it is my property.” In answer he said, “We need the money to insure everyone has health care.” I know I looked confused because I was. I then asked him, “Are you going to personally do it, steal from me?” He did not answer. “Then you are knowingly a thief!” The conversation broke down at that point.

           Like most who steal, they have no personal integrity and this man was no exception. 

          At my core I believe in Liberty as framed by the founding fathers. That means I have a fundamental and inalienable right to keep my property. The Supreme Court of the United States of American, the Republic has said that which can be taxed, can be taxed into extinction. The issue does not get much simpler.

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