Friday, July 25, 2014

WAR - Today & Tomorrow

The last couple of days I listened to FOX, CNN, and MSN news about a plane shot down by the Russians, Ukrainians or whoever. Ukrainian government trades accusations of blame with 

pro-Russian rebels it is fighting in eastern Ukraine. They each in their own way as does the rest of the world make much ado about the “civilians” who lost their lives. This has caused me to ponder. In a time of war, who are the civilians?

It seems to me whether one is wearing a uniform may not be a determining factor. As I explore the subject matter, those who are called civilians support the or a war, whatever that is, one way or another. If they are a citizen of one of the countries in conflict then their taxes, their human resources, even their very existence goes to support one side or the other of the conflict.

It does not matter whether they consciously think in these types of terms, it is enough it is a reality of their existence at a time of war.

I turn to the innocents, whoever they are. They have to be so unaware of the existence of conflict at its root that they have no reference with which to come to an understanding of what war is. They would be the children and crazies who have not been exposed to or understand the evils of powers run amok.

As I think in these terms I come to an understanding of what war is: War is evil and the empowerment of evil run amok.

While I get lost in the feelings of empathy for those who lost family, friends, and loved ones, I cannot think of them as other than warriors who support one cause or another; again excepting the innocent children.

I think when as a nation the private citizen rises up to resist the tyranny that at its core supports a war effort, only then will they be other than a warrior of that war. Instead, they become a warrior of another war, an internal war. 

AND that leads me to the deteriorating condition here in the United States. I am thankful we continue to provide ourselves the support necessary to bring our own Government back under control of "the people" if it does not do so itself. To that end, I support your Article I, Section 27 of the Oregon Constitution to carry firearms in our personal defense and the federal 2nd Amendment that assures us the right to arm ourselves against the tyranny of our own government!

I am the author of Oregon Concealed which provides current insights into carrying a concealed handgun here in Oregon. I am grateful for the federal 1st Amendment as well making this blog and that book possible.

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