Monday, July 28, 2014


Can anyone tell me the difference in that each caused by their actions and/or failure to act American citizens to die? The second question would be whether their failures constitute treason by any of the definitions used today?

I note we have locked up for indefinite periods of time people merely suspected of being terrorists against the Republic of the United States of America. Treason has no statute of limitations either.

I have paid my dues. I joined the VFW today. I am so grateful Obama was not my Commander-in-Chief. I would have feared for my life from the enemy within not daily but hourly. 

I am pleased that H. Clinton was not the Secretary of State when I served over seas. In the arms of disaster she would have been somewhere else. When her phone rang at night, where was she really?

It is with prayer I give thanks Jane Fonda did not visit us while I was stationed overseas.

AND while it may be short lived, I give thanks to my heavenly father for of the freedoms enumerated by our founding fathers that are still intact today.


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